Using Customer Research to Uncover Cause of Sales Decline in Gaming Industry

Our company again has broadened its consumer marketing experience and entered a new industry – Gaming!  A new client asked us to help them find out the cause of a troubling slowdown in sales.  After consultations with the company’s management, we recommended a series of focus groups to uncover the reasons for the slowdown.  We recruited an unbiased, representative sample of their customers in one of their major markets, based on a few different purchasing profiles.  We carefully constructed a survey questionnaire to find out if customers were diverting purchases to competitors’ gaming products, when they started doing it, and why they did it.  We then conducted the groups in a neutral focus group facility in this region.

We compiled and analyzed the findings, and identified an unexpected, potential cause of the slowdown – customer dissatisfaction with a key feature of our client’s products.  In the course of the sessions, many of their best customers in the groups stated that they were unhappy with their reduced chances of winning the games they typically played.  We concluded that this perception was likely to have led them to increase their purchases of alternative products, and reduce their purchases of our client’s games.  Armed with this insight into their customers’ behavior, our client modified their products to correct the problem.