UPDATE: TMD Helps Medical Network Expand into South Central US

A few years ago a mid-size regional healthcare provider network, headquartered in the Northeastern US, asked our company to help them expand into another regional market.  They wanted to expand elsewhere because they were encountering market share and profitability constraints in their home market.  We helped them successfully enter the Western US market (California), where they are building a multi-million dollar market.

Recently they asked us to help them expand into a third national market, the South Central US (Texas).  We prepared a business development program to identify the top 20 health insurers in this region, and designed a sales campaign to identify and contact the key decision-makers in these companies.  Within a year, we were successful in attracting the interest of a large health insurer , and our client entered negotiations to manage one of their ancillary service provider networks on an “at risk,” or capitation reimbursement basis.  We are now helping them negotiate the terms and structure of the partnership in a way that protects their financial interests, and expect to close a profitable joint venture for them by yearend.