UPDATE: TMD Helps Medical Network Expand Nationally in South Central US

Last year we told you about a mid-size regional healthcare provider network, headquartered in the Northeastern US, which asked our company to help them expand into another regional market.  They wanted to expand because they were encountering growth and profitability constraints in their home market.  A few years ago, we successfully helped them enter the Western US market by negotiating a provider network management agreement with one of the largest health insurers in California

More recently, we recommended that they consider entering a third national market, the South Central region.  We targeted Texas because it’s one of the fastest growing states in terms of population and industry.  In Texas, however, we followed a different approach and decided to build a medical provider network first and, then, market it to large health insurers in the state.  And, despite the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic last year, we successfully built an initial network of about 15 medical providers across the state.

In 2021, we’ve begun to market our client’s new provider network to the 10 largest Texas health plans, and expect to successfully conclude 3-5 new provider contracts by mid-year.  We are also planning to bolster our client’s new Texas network this year by continuing to recruit more medical providers.