TMD Engaged To Help Medical Network Expand Nationally

Most companies are interested in growing their businesses, and some larger companies are looking to grow at an exponential rate.  TMD can help companies achieve their growth goals by providing marketing information, or “marketing intelligence,” on potential new market opportunities, and by helping them develop new business in these markets.  Recently, a mid-size regional network of medical providers headquartered in the Northeast asked us to assist them with their national expansion.  We were able to find relevant information on (1) the size of a number of attractive state markets, (2) identity of major customers, and (3) competitive landscape in these markets.  After reviewing this information, our client could make an informed decision where to expand nationally.  They then engaged us to help them develop new business in one attractive state market.  We prepared a business development program to identify the key decision-makers, and design a sales campaign, directed at the top 10 customers.  Within a year, we were successful in helping our client establish network management contracts with one of these customers … and our client was on its way to expanding its markets and revenue