Marketing Planning – Structured marketing plans to identify, evaluate, and enter new markets in order to increase a company’s sales and revenue

New Business Development/Sales Representation – Highly effective programs to develop business in new markets, including experienced personnel to carry them out.

Market Research & Analysis – Research studies to help companies understand the size and characteristics of new markets, customer needs and purchasing behavior, customer satisfaction, and the effectiveness of service staff (“mystery shops”)

Marketing Audit – Comprehensive review and evaluation of your current marketing programs to identify changes that will generate increased sales

Competitive Assessment/Intelligence – Research studies to assess the level of competition and identify major competitors in your markets

DownloadTMDBrochurePricing Strategy – Alternative pricing strategies and their impacts on revenue and customer retention

Marketing & Sales Strategies – New marketing and sales programs and campaigns designed to generate short-term sales improvements

Healthcare Marketing/Contracting – Marketing programs focused on securing healthcare provider contracts with major Health Insurers

International Marketing Entry Strategies – Strategies for developing exports, joint ventures, or investments in foreign countries

Expert Witness Testimony – Providing expert testimony on marketing and related topics for legal cases