Consumer Research: Re-designing Products to Boost Sales

Late in 2018, TMD won a contract from an international gaming products company to help it find out why a new gaming product it recently launched in the US market was not selling well.  The company had two goals:  (1) understand the reasons why US consumers weren’t buying the product, and (2) test alternative product designs to determine which ones would be most attractive to them.  They also needed the results by a very short yearend deadline.

We recommended and designed four (4) consumer focus groups in the major city markets of the state in which they were operating.  We then prepared a carefully constructed moderator guide  with demos of the alternative product concepts to show the groups, conducted the focus groups, and tabulated and analyzed the results by their yearend deadline.  We found that the main reasons that the  original product was not selling was:  (1) Most potential customers didn’t know the new product was available due to a lack of adequate product promotion, and (2) consumers perceived the prize levels as too low.  In addition, the consumers identified three alternative product designs which they preferred vs. the current ones.  Based on the research results, the company is now revising its US product line, and preparing to re-launch the new products later this year.