Consumer Research: Re-designing Products to Boost Sales

Late in 2018, TMD won a contract from an international gaming products company to help it find out why a new gaming product it recently launched in the US market was not selling well.  The company had two goals:  (1) understand the reasons why US consumers weren’t buying the product, and (2) test alternative product… Read More.

UPDATE: TMD Helps Medical Network Expand into South Central US

A few years ago a mid-size regional healthcare provider network, headquartered in the Northeastern US, asked our company to help them expand into another regional market.  They wanted to expand elsewhere because they were encountering market share and profitability constraints in their home market.  We helped them successfully enter the Western US market (California), where… Read More.

Using Customer Research to Uncover Cause of Sales Decline in Gaming Industry

Our company again has broadened its consumer marketing experience and entered a new industry – Gaming!  A new client asked us to help them find out the cause of a troubling slowdown in sales.  After consultations with the company’s management, we recommended a series of focus groups to uncover the reasons for the slowdown.  We… Read More.

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