Effective December 31, 2022, Gene Principato, President of The Marketing Difference, has retired and we will no longer be accepting new client engagements.  We’d like to thank our many clients whom we have served over the past 32 years for their business, in numerous industries such as healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, financial services, technology, and… Read More.

MARKET RESEARCH: Re-designing Products to Boost Sales

A few years ago, TMD won a contract from an international gaming products company to help it find out why a new sports game it recently launched in the USmarket was not selling well.  The company had two goals: (1) understand why US consumers weren’t buying the product, and (2) test alternative product designs to boost… Read More.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: TMD Helps Healthcare Client Expand into New US Market

Recently, a mid-size regional healthcare provider network in the region asked our company to help them expand into the South Central US market.  The reason for their expansion was that they were having trouble growing profitably in their home market.  Previously, we had also helped them enter the Western US market by negotiating a provider network management… Read More.

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